Review Submission Page Examples for Different Remittance Types

As you go through the payroll submission process, you will arrive at the “Review Submission” page. This is the final step in completing your contribution processing. Depending on how you set up your Bank Account information, the page may look like one of the following.

This image shows when you have set up the ACH to pull from your Bank Account when you complete your submission. You will see the total amount that will be drawn from your Bank to MyCTSavings. If you need to change the bank account associated with your contribution, choose to change your preferences.


This image shows when you have set up the ACH push (less common). You will see the total amount that you need to transfer to MyCTSAvings, as well as the ACH remittance instructions. Be sure to initiate the ACH transfer of these funds to BNY Mellon as soon as you’ve completed the submission.


If you selected “Paper Check,” you will see the total amount you need to send to MyCTSaviings. This image shows where to send the check via regular mail. Please note that the reference number on the below image is simply an example. Your employer portal submission page will provide you with the actual number you will need.


Or you may select “Overnight” if you prefer. Note that the address is different for overnight delivery.


It is critical to remember to click on “Complete Submission.” 

You are not done until you have seen the below screen: