How Do I Sign In to My Account?

If you have previously registered you will need to sign in each time you return to the employer portal. 

Go to

Click on "I have registered and want to sign in"

If you have not yet completed User Registration, please click here for instructions.

If you have not yet completed Onboarding, please click here to get started.


Vestwell is our new technology partner. To continue, click on "Sign in to your account"


Enter the email and password that you chose when registering for your account. 

Then click "Sign In"

If you have set up Two-Factor Authentication already you will be prompted to verify your login via a 6 digit code sent to your mobile phone. If you have not set up your Two-Factor Authentication or have but would like more information please see our article on "How Do I Set Up Two-Factor Authentication"

Another helpful article: "What Information Do I Need to Sign My Company Up For MyCTSavings?"